Chapter 1 Reactor Physics
Chapter 2 Thermal-Hydraulics
Chapter 3 Reactor Internals & Components
Chapter 4 Reactivity Control Systems
Chapter 5 Nuclear Instrumentation
Chapter 6 BWR Chemistry
Chapter 7 Operational Reactor Physics
Chapter 8 Core Thermal Limits
Chapter 9 BWR Thermal Hydraulic Stability
Chapter 10 Control Rod Patterns and Sequence Development
Chapter 11 Core Component Lifetimes
Chapter 12 Special Nuclear Material
Chapter 13 Refueling Operations
Chapter 14 Introduction to Core Monitoring
Chapter 15 BOC Startup
Chapter 16 Fuel Reliability 


On-the-Job Training

After completing Session 1, the Reactor Engineer Trainees complete 3-6 months of in-plant time with qualified Reactor Engineers signing off Task Qualification Cards.